Our members inform us that the discussions and networking at these events are extremely valuable

CETS holds two annual face-to-face meetings. The CETS Annual Meeting (held in the spring) is co-located with ResearchFirst’s Telco Sales Channels seminar, allowing members to save on travel expenses while continuing the learning and networking throughout the week. The Fall Workshop is typically hosted by one of our member companies and may include tours of the local facilities.

The monthly Hot Topic webinars cover current and sales channel and customer experience issues. They are typically introduced by an industry leader and then followed by roundtable discussions including all participating membersby an industry leader from the membership.

Upcoming Hot Topic Webinar:

Held monthly typically every 3rd Wednesday at 12PM Central. This date and time may fluctuate some months as a result of holidays and other issues, so be sure to check for updates.

Upcoming Hot Topic:

Compensation Panel



Wednesday, March 15, 2023


CETS 2023 Annual Meeting

Join us this April in Austin, TX for our CETS 2023 Annual Meeting (April 18) followed by our ResearchFirst 2023 Telco Sales Channels Seminar (April 19-20). 

The CETS Annual Meeting agenda will include the election of our CETS 2023-2024 Board of Directors, the announcement of our CETS 2023 Best in Class Award winners, and more.


April 18, 2023


ResearchFirst 2023 Telco Sales Channels Seminar

Join us this April in Austin, TX for our CETS 2023 Annual Meeting (April 18) followed by our ResearchFirst 2023 Telco Sales Channels Seminar (April 19-20). 

This will be an interactive event with presentations and roundtables covering sales best practices in call centers, retail and other alternate channels, customer experience strategies and many other consumer and SMB channel related topics.

Meeting Dates:

April 19-20, 2023


2019-2022 Hot Topic Webinars

These are restricted to Members and invited guests. To request an invitation to register, guests should contact us

Call Date

Hot Topic(s)

Call Type

July 2022

Pandemic Pivot – Lessons Learned and Ongoing Strategies for Virtual Support, Training & Events

Members Only

June 2022

Working From Home: The New World

Members Only

May 2022

Navigating the Current Labor Market Shortage

CETS & BMMA Members Only

March 2022

Change Through Gamification

Members Only

December 2021

Improving the Customer Experience with an end-to-end Integrated Support System

Members Only

August 2021

Customer Self-Service

Members Only

June 2021

Finding Success in Brownfield MDU

Members Only

April 2021

Generate Teamwork and Achieve Goals Through Incentives

Members Only

March 2021

Customer Experience Research

Members Only

February 2021

Purposeful Coaching

Members Only

January 2021

Executives' Perspective on Broadband in 2021

BMMA & CETS Members Only

November 2020

Communication, Education and Motivation: Staying Connected to the Frontline

Members Only

October 2020

A New Sales Way - Behavior and Beyond

Members Only

September 2020

CETS 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Members & Non-Members

July 2020

COVID-19 Re-entry Status for D2D, Retail, and Contact Centers

Members Only

May 2020

COVID-19 Re-entry Update on D2D, Contact Centers, and Retail

Members Only

March 2020

COVID-19 Member Response

Members Only

February 2020

Overview of IoT for Telco Broadband

Members Only

November 2019

Improving Frontline Performance with a Modern Approach to Training

Members Only

October 2019

Sales Incentives

Members Only

September 2019

Unionized Workforce in Sales

BMMA & CETS Members Only

August 2019

Net Promoter System

Members Only

July 2019

Web Sales & Ordering

Members Only

June 2019

Using Network Data for Marketing Responses

Members Only

March 2019

Generation Z: What to do

Members Only